Financial localizations in Latin America

Discover new horizons for your company and stop worryng about the fiscality.

Go2Latam is an international business consultancy born from the conviction of two referring companies: Arbentia and Auxadi. These firms have transferred to Go2Latam  their experience in the sectors of technological consultancy and financial outsourcing to make easier the deployment of your company in Latin America.
We’re born with clear mindset of channel company and for the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Channel.
With more tan 40 years of experience in international projects, we have focused our efforts  on providing our Partners with financial localizations in all versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central for the main Latin American countries.  In that way, our partners can help their customers expand their business in Latin America.


  • We have more than 40 years of experience implementing international projects.
  • We are leaders in Europe with local presence in Latin America. We have the financial knowledge of the country and local consultants in Latin America.  
  • We are official partners of Microsoft and experts applying Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Microsoft chose us, alongside other partners around the world, to participate in the ‘Ready To Go for Localization Partners’ program.
  • Continuous investment plan aligned with the Microsoft Roadmap
  • Multisectorial localization: our financial localizations for Latin America are available for different sectors of business.

Our mission 

Our goal is to contribute with our knowledge to the growth our partners. How? Our financial localizations in Latin America guarantee compliance with the specific requirements of each country, tax, accounting and tax matters.
Fiscal requirements won’t be a barrier thanks to our localizations. In Go2Latam, we have developed financial localizations in those Latin American countries that Microsoft doesn’t cover.
Our law knowledge guarantee a safe deployment of your business in Latin America. 
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