Go2Latam was born to lead companies arriving in Latin America

We interviewed Manuel Fdez. Casado, CEO of Go2Latam, in the days before it became a Silver Sponsor of Directions EMEA

There is less than a week to go before the start of one of the most anticipated Microsoft Dynamics partner channel events, Directions EMEA, which has been growing exponentially since it started in 2008. The last one, which took place in Madrid, attracted 2154 attendees from more than 600 companies. We met Manuel casado, CEO de Go2Latam and the visible face of the project, in Madrid.

What is life like for the Go2Latam team in the days before Directions EMEA?

We are looking forward to our presence as a Silver Sponsor of Directions EMEA with great enthusiasm. It has been months of effort and preparation from all of us working at Go2Latam, the work is done and it is now time to enjoy three days that will surely be unforgettable. We want people to know everything we can contribute to the Microsoft Dynamics partner channel.

Tell us more about Go2Latam? How did it start?

Go2Latam is the result of the commitment of two leading European companies to facilitating the entry of companies into Latin America. Both ARBENTIA, a technology consulting firm with a presence in Spain and Latin America, and AUXADI, a leader in professional accounting and tax services based in Europe and Latin America, have put all their experience and knowledge at the service of Go2Latam. This is a guarantee of success for all our plans, both current and future.

Why choose Go2Latam?

There are many reasons, but I would like to highlight three of them: we have been selected by Microsoft to participate in the “Ready to go” plan for partners who are expert in localization. This reinforces our position as developers of tax localisation for every country in Latin America. I would also like to refer to our origins. As I mentioned earlier, Go2Latam was born out of two leading European companies with roots and long experience in Latin America, this has allowed us to build up a great knowledge of both conceptual and cultural aspects. Lastly, I would like to point out that we at Go2Latam look to the future with ambition, but the project is already here, currently many companies are successfully using our localisation.

What services does Go2Latam offer to the Microsoft Dynamics partner channel?

We want the channel to see us as a strategic partner. We aspire to be the pillar which which supports both partners and customers in any deployment in Latin America. Our services range from support in closing opportunities with the partner to finding resources for the execution of the project, we want to facilitate all processes as much as possible.

What are Go2Latam’s future plans?

As I said before, Go2Latam is a reality, in 2019 we will have localizations for 14 of the 20 Latin American countries, but our plans go beyond just that, we want to be a benchmark for the area. Our roadmap includes opening new localizations and a demanding set of updates and improvements. These plans speak to the ambitious nature of the project, while at the same time guaranteeing the long life of all the actions we carry out.

Do you have a message for the Directions EMEA attendees?

Just to remind them of the great opportunity they are facing, Latin America is undoubtedly one of the markets with the highest expected growth in the coming decades. If you want to know more about Go2Latam and how we can help you take advantage of this scenario, we are waiting for you at stand S19 of Directions EMEA. See you soon!