4 ideas to help you choose the best technology for your company’s success.

“Microsoft Business Central allows access to real-time data that facilitates strategic decision making, improving the accuracy of forecasts and minimizing business risks”

Currently, a large percentage of the investment of companies is destined to the implementation of technology, especially in the field of information and communication; this action allows us to differentiate ourselves from the competition, increasing our offer of value in a global economic scenario. The success of the use of technology in companies is structured under guidelines and processes that we must adapt to our needs. But, how to identify the right technology for our company? Next, we share some ideas.

1. Identify the internal strengths and value of resources: 
It is advisable to carry out an internal analysis and identify the strengths and improvement of the organization, in order to establish specific objectives based on their resources. What is sought is to take advantage of the strengths and reduce the impact of the weaknesses. This action is transversal to the corporate structure and the impact can be measured in all the areas that comprise it. For a quick implementation of this task, the management must gather the necessary information, determine its main sources, and evaluate the external context in which the business is developed.

2. Know the DNA of your clients and ensure the success of the commercial: 
Customers are the raison d’être of every business, and getting to know their main requirements and needs closely, will give us enough tools to develop greater added value for and for them. Likewise, it will allow us to classify and empathize with them, developing a recognized, viable and profitable business. We can, among other things, improve the shopping experience, be attentive to your market expectations and build loyalty.

3. Identify technology applied to your business that helps simplify processes:
From the aforementioned points, the possibility of recognizing the true technological needs of the company is deduced, and as such, identifying which are the most adapted solutions to the business in which it develops. Automate and streamline processes, have for general objectives, optimize times, detect opportunities and anticipate adverse scenarios. It is essential to encourage, among the collaborators, a participatory culture that helps reduce the time of the learning curve and adaptation of new technologies in the company. 

4. Measures results and constantly develops:
Use technology that helps you measure the impact of your actions at all levels. The global technology market has countless offers according to your requirements and business needs. Platforms such as Microsoft Business Central allow you to access data in real time, providing useful and complete information that helps you make strategic decisions, improving the accuracy of forecasts and minimizing business risks. 

At Go2Latam, we are dedicated to serving the Microsoft Dynamics Partner channel, and we have financial localizations in all versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central for the main Latin American countries. 

Our localizations facilitate compliance with the accounting, legal, fiscal and operational aspects, as well as the issuance of reports and reports in accordance with the specific requirements of each country in the region. 

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