Localization Ecuador Microsoft Dynamics.

Our Ecuadorian localization for Microsoft Dynamics enables the application to be run in aspects of accounting, tax and operations, as well as the issuance of reports based on the legal and tax requirements of Ecuador.

  • Adaptation of accounting and taxation functions according to Ecuadorian legislation.
  • Official legal reports in physical and magnetic formats.
  • Adjustment, based on the region, of terminology in the various core modules of Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Easy and fast implementation.

Features and key characteristics.


  Configuration, Parameterisation and Calculation:

    • Tables, parameters, taxes and withholdings for compliance with the SRI (Internal Revenue Service). Related to:
      • Configurations for value added tax (VAT) and Tax on Special Consumptions (ICE).
      • Configurations, calculation and issuance of the certificate of VAT and FUENTE (Income Tax) withholdings.
      • Fields for agreements to avoid double taxation (CDI).
      • Fields and Masters related to electronic invoicing and electronic information.
      • Validation of main masters requested by the SRI.

  Updates of currency values:

      • Multi-currency operations.
      • Correction adjustments of balances of monetary ítems.

  Legal reports and books:

      • VAT withholdings reports
      • General journal and general ledger
      • Electronic purchase and sales ledgers
      • Inventory and balance sheet ledger
      • Simplified Transactional Annex (ATS)
      • Prepare and generate the transfer of files for electronic invoicing.

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