What are localizations?

  Organizations operating in a specific country must comply with the law, regulations and common comercial practices of that territory in order to carry out their activity within the law. Otherwise, the breach of these law can result in bad consequences for the company. 

  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allow companies manage their different business process, regardless the countries where they operate. But taxation compliance is not guarantee in some territories. For this, in  Go2Latam we carry out a software adaptation process so that companies could comply with said laws and local requirements. This adaptation is called localization (local functionality).


How do Go2Latam’s localizations help your company?

  • Development of financial locations on one of the most widely distributed ERP in the world: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Support from the world’s largest software maker: Microsoft.
  • Product implemented and meeting all the needs of our customers in multiple countries in Latin America. 
  • Adaptation of fiscal, accounting and tax functionality according to the current legislation of each country.
  • Reports and legal official reports on physical and telematic supports required by legislation.
  • Adaptation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central standard to the terminology of each country. 
  • Easy and fast implementation which influences the cost reduction for the client.
  • Continuous updates based on the legal and fiscal changes of each country.
  •  Update Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to always have the product in the most recent versions.

 Go2Latam develop localizations of all Latin American countries.

Don’t let fiscal procedures be a constraint  for your business. Expand your company without limits Go2Latam.