Discover our financial localizations for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

What are financial localizations?

 Go2Latam’s financial localizations are extensions that easily integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. These applications add to the business management software the fiscal layer needed to ensure compliance with fiscal, tax, accounting and legal requirements of those companies operating in a given Latin American country.

 Dynamics 365 Business Central enables organizations to manage their business processes from any country, but does not cover tax compliance for all countries. To fulfill this mission Microsoft selects 7 partners around the world, in charge of developing the financial locations for the territories lacking this functionality. Microsoft entrusts Go2Latam with the whole Latin American territory.

Microsoft has chosen us to develop the financial localizations of all the countries of Latin America

We are 100% aligned with Microsoft in their mission to facilitate the deployment of Dynamics 365 Business Central in Latin America

Financial localizations for Latin America

What benefits do they bring to your company?

Easy and fast implementation. You will not lose time in the implementation process.
Each localization is unique. It is adapted to the specific tax, accounting and taxation system of the country.
Automatic adaptation of the Dynamics 365 Business Central standard to the country’s terminology.
You will have an erp that meets all your needs in multiple Latin American countries.
Generation of reports and official legal reports in physical and telematic supports.
 Your localization will always be up to date with the legal and fiscal changes of each country.
Upgrades to Dynamics 365 Business Central versions are included.
You will have the support of the largest software manufacturer in the world: Microsoft.

 Trust Go2Latam’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 localizations and deploy your business in Latin America.