Microsoft Power BI – Guide

Microsoft Power BI Guide

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence solution made for companies which need a full vision of their data. Create and visualize multiple reports and find meaningful insights with hundreds of data visualizations. Then share these reports with your company members. Everyone in the organization will be able to make confident decisions.  Thanks to its easy integration, connecting to hundreds of data sources and applications, such as Microsoft Excel, is possible with Power BI.

With this tool you can connect and explore your data, producing visual reports, which you can share, publish and collaborate on. And you can access it from anywhere, in or out of your office, thanks to Power BI applications.

Why should you choose Microsoft Power BI ?

Power BI is a business intelligence solution, which will allow you to study your company’s strategic information to accurately track your business results. With this Microsoft solution you will save time and costs derived from data management. You will also be able to conduct an in-depth study of your data to make informed decisions that will improve your company’s performance and competitiveness. 

Dou you want futher information of Microsoft Power BI? Download this guide now.