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Why you should choose Go2Latam

Go2Latam is an international business consultancy born from the conviction of two leading companies in the sectors of technological consultancy and financial outsourcing, all to facilitate the deployment of organisations in Latin America.

We have transferred all our knowledge and years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics solutions, adapting the software to the laws and regulations of each Latin American country. Our mission is to guarantee the highest degree of compliance in aspects of accounting, tax and operations, as well as the issuance of all types of reports based on the requirements of each legislation.

To do this, Go2Latam has developed Localizations for Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Panama, countries in which Microsoft does not have an official solution which covers the local taxation system. All of them incorporate the best practices of the sector and our knowledge of the law of each country. All our solutions have passed an exhaustive certification process from Microsoft, thus giving them official status.

  • A leading consultant in Europe with local presence in Latin America

  • 40 years of experience in international projects

  • Microsoft Gold Partner

  • Continuous investment plan aligned with the Microsoft Roadmap

  • Compliance with the Microsoft solutions certification program

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Discover new horizons in your company and do not worry about the taxation of the country where you operate

The organizations that operate in a certain country must comply with the laws, regulations and common commercial practices of that territory in order to be able to carry out their activity within the law. Therefore, failure to comply with such laws and regulations can have severe consequences for a company that is carrying out operations in that country.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows organizations to manage their different business processes, regardless of the countries where they operate. For this, in Go2Latam we carry out a software adaptation process so that it complies with said laws and local requirements. This adaptation is called location (local functionality).

At Go2Latam we currently have multiple clients using locations in 8 Latin American countries, responding to specific requirements for tax, accounting or finance reporting. In addition, we are working on another 5 locations to contribute to the rest of our customers in Latin America.

  • Development of financial locations on one of the most widely distributed ERP in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV world.
  • Support from the world’s largest software maker, Microsoft.
  • Product implemented and meeting all the needs of our customers in multiple countries in Latin America.
  • Adaptation of fiscal, accounting and tax functionality according to the current legislation of each country.
  • Reports and legal official reports on physical and telematic supports required by legislation.
  • Adaptation of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV standard to the terminology of each country.
  • Easy and fast implementation which influences the cost reduction for the client.
  • Continuous updates based on the legal and fiscal changes of each country.
  • Update NAV versions to always have the product in the most recent versions.








Very soon

All of our localizations will be available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central very soon


Our local teams have ample experience in Microsoft Dynamics, providing our clients with excellent results, enabling the deployment, maintenance and development of the products, and also giving end user support.

Additionally, we have a network of Certified Partners, enabling us to get closer to the client and to carry out deployments in each country with the financial and legal aspects of that specific location. We also cover the technical and business aspects of Microsoft Dynamics.


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